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December 04, 2008
Perminate Link for Manage Your Finances During Holiday Shopping Season   Manage Your Finances During Holiday Shopping Season
By: Ina Steiner
Thu Dec 4 2008 23:51:31
With disposable income especially tight this holiday season, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants published five tips to help consumers manage their finances during the next few weeks of shopping.

1 - Develop a Budget: plan a budget that is appropriate for your financial situation. You will need to identify your current monthly income and expenses, which will guide your spending for the holiday season. It is important that once you create a budget you stick with it. (Michael Schulman, CPA/PFS, Schulman Co. PC, New York)

2 - Cash is King: try to use cash when doing your shopping. Credit cards allow you to spend money you do not necessarily have. (Michael Eisenberg, CPA/PFS, Los Angeles)

3 - Comparison Shop: once you have that holiday list, be an educated shopper and compare prices. You might be able to save $20, $30 or more if you find the same product online or at another store. You might have to invest some time into shopping, but in the long run it will save you in the wallet. (Irv Diamond, CPA/PFS, REDW LLC, Albuquerque, NM)

4 - Be Practical, Be Creative:
  • Spend Christmas volunteering at a soup kitchen, hospital or nursing home, for example.
  • Don't exchange gifts with adults. Adults should understand financial limitations more readily.
  • Rather than have everyone buy gifts for every child, pick names to limit the number of gifts.
  • Consider more personal gifts: photographs, things you made yourself, things of sentimental value.
  • Give the gift of time: get together with the people you love.
  • Consider gift certificates for your time or services.
(Adele Brady Bolson, CPA, Bellevue, WA)

5 - Do Additional Research: Check out the AICPA's Web sites, www.360financialliteracy.org and www.feedthepig.org, for free tools, articles and resources to help you better plan your financial future.

These tips from the AICPA fit in with the spirit of the EveryPlaceISell.com merchant community. EPIS merchants offer unique items, handmade goods, new and refurbished items - at a great value and with personal service. And you can comparison shop to see if sellers are listing items at lower prices on their own websites or on an auction site or marketplace.

Browse a category, view by marketplace, or peruse "latest listings" on EveryPlaceISell.com. Spend wisely, and feel good about shopping!

November 05, 2008
Perminate Link for Shopping by Marketplace: Browse Merchants by Venue   Shopping by Marketplace: Browse Merchants by Venue
By: EveryPlaceISell.com
Wed Nov 5 2008 05:12:08
EveryPlaceISell.com is a great tool for shoppers who are looking for their favorite merchants online. You can search by merchant name, or browse by category, and learn if they are selling on their own websites. And now you can find all merchants who sell on a particular marketplace by selecting the "Browse by Venue" option!

For instance, you might want to see if there are any Etsy.com merchants on EveryPlaceISell.com (there are) - and by clicking on their individual listings, you can see where else they are selling. Check out the number of merchants in EPIS who list on Bonanzle, a site that only launched 4 months ago!

You can also browse alphabetical lists of merchants, and a fun way to find merchants is to click on "Latest Listings."

The face of online buying and selling is changing, and you have more choices - so exercise your right to shop, and support independent merchants!

October 07, 2008
Perminate Link for Rock Stars Sign up for EveryPlaceISell.com   Rock Stars Sign up for EveryPlaceISell.com
By: EveryPlaceISell.com
Tue Oct 7 2008 20:32:41
Janelle Elms featured EveryPlaceISell.com in her newsletter for OSI Rock Stars. Janelle is well known in the eBay community as a national speaker, leading eBay University Instructor, and author of several eBay books, including the best-selling "eBay Your Business" published by McGraw Hill. She teaches her clients how to optimize their eBay sales and realize an increase in profits margins by 20-50 percent!

Janelle's latest start-up, the OSI Rock Stars, brings together the top experts from around the world to help educate her "Rock Star" clients about marketing, eBay, search engine marketing, legal and tax issues, and much more.

In her review, Janelle recommended that her Rock Stars head over to EveryPlaceISell.com to create a free listing, calling it an awesome benefit and pointing out we've got some "nice Google search love happening too"!

Welcome to all you Rock Stars, and thanks for coming on board!

September 27, 2008
Perminate Link for Class up the Joint with EveryPlaceISell Merchandise   Class up the Joint with EveryPlaceISell Merchandise
By: EveryPlaceISell.com
Sat Sept 27 2008 14:48:30
Spread the word about EveryPlaceISell.com and look good while doing it! We opened a Cafe Press shop to help spread the word about our directory of indie merchants.

Don't leave the house without your EveryPlaceISell.com Ceramic Travel Mug ($19.79) and matching EveryPlaceISell.com Baseball Cap ($16.49)! (What's that, you don't leave the house much? Try a regular coffee mug.) And keep us near and dear to your heart (or at least near your computer) with the EveryPlaceISell.com Mousepad ($12.09).

Just think, if you had an EveryPlaceISell.com Journal ($10.39), you could write yourself a reminder so you wouldn't forget to shop the EveryPlaceISell.com Cafe Press store!

Savvy shoppers use EveryPlaceISell.com as a research tool to learn more about sellers and where they are listing their products. Support independent merchants and promote EveryPlaceISell.com - however you choose to spread the word!

Perminate Link for The eBay Seller's News Writes about EveryPlaceISell.com   The eBay Seller's News Writes about EveryPlaceISell.com
By: EveryPlaceISell.com
Sat Sept 27 2008 11:52:12
Publisher Skip McGrath wrote about EveryPlaceISell.com in the latest issue of the eBay Sellers News newsletter. He points out that EveryPlaceISell.com was a direct response to the trend of multi-channel selling among even very small sellers and writes, "All online sellers should create a listing in the directory - it's additional exposure, it's easy to create a listing - and it's free." (If you are an online merchant, sign up for the eBay Seller's News newsletter. Skip always has interesting opinions along with information you can use to improve your ecommerce business.)

September 25, 2008
Perminate Link for Antique Business News Highlights EveryPlaceISell.com   Antique Business News Highlights EveryPlaceISell.com
By: EveryPlaceISell.com
Thu Sept 25 2008 13:31:20
The Antique Business News (ABN) wrote about EveryPlaceISell.com (EPIS) in its September 2008 newsletter: "New service to promote your online business: As online merchants have spread their inventory over multiple Web sites and online antique malls, gathering all of these sites into one centralized directory would make finding these merchants and their stores much easier for buyers. EveryPlaceISell.com does just that."

Chris at PowerWheelerChris.com wrote recently on his blog, "Let say a person is looking for you and finds you on eBay. But her or she does not have Paypal, but would like to pay you with another form of payment. By visiting your listing on EveryPlaceISell.Com he or she can notice you have your own web site where you sell (as well as eBay) that accepts Checks and Money Orders."

Patricia013 (GrannyGoodPaint) called EveryPlaceISell.com "a great new directory and should be helpful to every seller" in her comments on the Wall Street Journal blog.

The Ecrater Hub also wrote about EPIS: "Remember each inbound link to our store, blog or auction listing helps in our search engine rankings as well."

Other mentions include postings on blogs and discussion boards geared to online merchants.

It seems online sellers are quick to spot the benefits of listing in EveryPlaceISell.com!

September 20, 2008
Perminate Link for New Features for Merchants and Shoppers   New Features for Merchants and Shoppers
By: EveryPlaceISell
Sat Sept 20 2008 18:19:43
We've rolled out some new features on EveryPlaceISell to make it easier for shoppers to find merchants and provide them with more information. In addition, we upgraded the site to make it a more robust and scalable platform that will handle growing traffic and new features that we plan to roll out in the future.

Here are the new features we rolled out on Friday:

Multiple Categories: Sellers, you wanted to be able to put your listings in multiple categories, and now you can! You can put your listing in up to three categories. For example, if you offer books, crafts and toys, you can now list in 3 appropriate categories. This will help buyers find your listing.

Payment Options: We love this feature, and hope you do too! Now you can list all the payment options you accept on your different selling venues. We have included the major payment methods as well as "Other" for some flexibility. That means that if a site only allows you to accept one payment method, a customer can look at your listing and possibly find the same item being offered by you, on a different site, using a payment method that they would prefer. Plus I really like the little icons...

Keywords: You'll now find a new field in your listing form where you can put keywords pertaining to your business. The keywords will not appear in your listing, but will be part of the criteria used when someone is searching on EPIS. The keywords will also populate the meta data, making your listing much more search-engine friendly. And this feature will also help buyers find relevant listings.

Preview Page: This is VERY cool, and much needed! Now you can see what your listing will look like before you submit it. After you have created or updated your listing, you'll find a "Preview" link near the bottom of the form. When clicked, it will open a new browser window that will allow you to check your links, view your graphic image, and see if there are any changes you'd like to make. You can make changes to your form and re-preview your listing before submitting.

New Searching and Browsing Options: Ultimately, EPIS is a search engine and we believe that most people will use the search box for finding a seller or product. The search will be constantly evolving as we watch how people use it, and what search terms they enter. There are now new ways to browse listings, based on your feedback. Now listings can be searched Alphabetically. We've added an "Alphabetical Directory" to the home page and the left navigation bar, for people who may be looking for a specific seller, but doesn't remember their exact username.

Listings in categories are now sorted alphabetically, rather than by latest listing. We will keep the ability to search by "Latest Listing" so people can see at a glance what's new on EPIS. We'll be adding other methods of searching and browsing on the site in the future. If you have suggestions, feel free to let us know in the forums.

Announcements: You can subscribe to the RSS feed for this page and get the announcements delivered directory to your reader.

We've laid the foundation to add more (and even cooler) features, which we'll roll out gradually. We want to thank everyone for being so engaged in this project - your suggestions were great and thought-provoking and made for very lively discussion among the EveryPlaceISell.com staff. Thanks to everyone that helped us Beta-test EPIS - your time and suggestions were immensely appreciated. Very special thanks go to our great programmer Ranson, who churned out these changes in record time. Thanks everyone!

We welcome you to discuss these new features in the EPIS merchant forums (available only to registered merchants with approved listings), and let us know if you see anything out of sorts. One last thing - feel free to tell your friends about EPIS, put your listing widget up where allowable (there's super-secret code embedded in it, which will be explained in a future announcement) and we'll keep you posted on our progress!

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